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Today we are proud to still be the leaders and innovators of Bungee Fitness. The team at Astro-Durance share the same vision and hold high expectations. Together we are leading the pioneer efforts to reinvent fitness across America and the world. We are always evolving and telling everyone we meet to GET YOUR BUNGEE ON!

When I started, people would ask me all the time where I got my Astro-Durance bungee set up. They were curious as they had never seen anything like it before. They asked, “is it out of LA.? New York?” They were blown away when I told them, it’s my own concept, and my own custom-made creation.

The second question they asked was, “How and what made you think of this?” Here is my story of the history of Astro-Durance Bungee Studio and how it all evolved. Over the years I have helped many clients with limited mobility due to sports injuries, arthritic challenges, bad knees, hips, etc. As I assisted these clients, I expected more for them. I knew there had to be a way for those with restrictions to get their cardio up and do a thorough work out without causing further pain and/or aggravating an existing problem.

Believe me, I looked. I wanted to just go out and buy it but no one had it. In searching online, I did find lightweight dancers floating around with ease doing ballet dance routines on long wires with delicate looking harnesses. But, trust me, the set up used for these petite individuals would not fit my needs! Nor would it work for clients that had no core development and/or physical limitations like bad hips, knees and obesity. So I went to the drawing board and through a lot of trial and error devised a system that would allow people to get a great workout, regardless of age, shape, size, and weight. The system, I now call Astro-Durance Bungee Training was quite a process.

I did have help. I call them my Bungee Angels which were necessary for testing the prototypes, especially since I was the human guinea pig in all early Astro-Durance flight tests. Of course, I also needed the right team to bring my ideas to life.

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After several skinned knees and hands with the occasional sprained ankle I remember the day I worked on my second prototype with a manufacturer. He had never made a bungee for the type of use I was going to use it for. He told me as far as he knew, no one was using the bungees for something like this. So, he was excited to help custom manufacture it.

Today, my motivation is to share this concept, and all of the step by step systems with entrepreneurs to help them not just start their Astro-Durance Bungee Studio, but to find the WOW FACTOR that MOTIVATES them to DREAM BIG, and FOCUS on their potential to achieve whatever they set out to do. May all your expectations empower yourself and others.

What makes the Astro-Durance brand stand out above the rest is the Astro-Durance Motion Based Training Program. I worked hard to put together routines that fit all fitness needs from professional sports, gymnastics, gym goers of all ages from kids to the elderly, to those with physical limitations.